Finding effective and technologically innovative solutions is what we can do best, we do it with hand crafted attention and passion for our work, with professional competence and precision, projecting and producing different components for many industries. Our products represent the state of the art, they are solid and reliable, we work to make your ideas concrete and to carry out original plans. Our intelligence and experience are at your service. We have respect for our customers and they place their trust in us. There is a deep knowledge and understanding between ourselves and our customers based on communication and respect and common goals.

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from 1975 to today

1975 — 1985

LIMA was created in 1975 in Venetian territory, thanks to Gino Beccegato’s iniative, who decided to establish a small business with a manufacturing unit of 500 mq. In the initial development phase, the business mainly focused on projecting and constructing machinery for product industrialization and was strongly well-established in its cultural context and territory:a strongly competitive north-east Italy.

Thanks to the founder’s foresight and his investments in the technological field, LIMA started creating chair products that allowed the business to start projecting and producing office chair components. This wise choice was rewarded and allowed the business to expand: the production unit doubled in size reaching 1000 mq and was able to employ 20 operators.

The expanding production motivated LIMA to invest further more in the technological field and in developing innovative products, leading the company to more important transformations. Export increases, commercial network strengthens and technology advances. The productive unit reached 9.400mq and the number of operators doubles to 40.

The business increased as did the Beccagato family. The generational exchange brought new ideas for technological advancements, although not losing the original great bond with the past. Always looking towards the future, the business made important investments that enabled it to expand furthermore its production; newer and more efficient solutions were found and numerous international patents were granted.

On the eve of its 40th anniversary, the business is still growing thanks to constant investments and enhancements, but also thanks to a solid know-how and the passion of many partners and associates. Within the global and dinamic market, LIMA is able to provide adequately and in short time lapses and can always count on avantguarde technology. Thanks to its constant improvement and the collaboration with one of Italy's biggest designers, LIMA has launched the new SINCRO “MOOW” mechanism line.

In these years LIMA implements its production with new machinery and new software, and upgrades to ISO 9001:2015. with the new brand L–Solutions LIMA makes available its know-how to realize customised models for its clients.