The data processing holder

The holder is LIMA Snc of Riccardo ed Elisa Beccegato (P.IVA 03636370284), in the person of the legal representative, with registered office in Trebaseleghe, Industria Rd 7, hereafter referred to as “The Holder”. The Holder supplies the concerned parties the complete information about the purposes and the mode of the personal data processing.

Processing of personal data

Personal data (es. personal details, phone number, email address etc.) are processed through software supports or with the help of computerised or automatised instruments respectful of minimum security measures, and, in any case, in a way to guarantee the integrity, security and privacy of the said data.

Purpose of the data processing

The Holder will process your personal data with the following objectives:

1) Performing of contractual or pre-contractual activities;
2) Fulfilling of fiscal or legal duties;
3) Performing of surveys about the degree of clients’ satisfaction and about the quality of the offered services;
4) Direct and indirect marketing and market researches;
5) Sending of commercial/promotional information;
6) Sending of communications with profiling objective, for advertisement and promotional ads.;
7) Sending of informative and promotional newsletters;
8) Sending of mails having an informative, promotional or advertisement purpose;
9) Survey activities.

The personal data will be processed solely with purposes strictly connected and instrumental to the fulfilling of the above listed points. Your consent is the legal basis of the data processing according to art. 13, comma 1), letter c) of the GDPR.

Nature of the bestowal

The bestowal of your data for the purposes of the points 1) and 2) of art. 3 does not require any consent as it is preparatory and essential for any contractual and pre-contractual relationship.

The bestowal of your data for the purposes of the points 3),4),5),6),7),8) and 9) of art. 3 is optional and needs your full and manifested agreement. Failure to consent will bring about the following consequences: the impossibility of sending you commercial and promotional information and of sending informative newsletter and of spreading your personal data with marketing purposes to third parties. At any rate, in the case you have already manifested your consent to allow the Holder to pursue the objectives re. Points 3),4),5),6),7),8) and 9) of art. 3, you will have the right to revoke it at any time by sending - without any formality – a communication to the email address

Following the receipt of your opt-out request, the Holder will speedily proceed to remove and cancel your data from the database used for the data processing for the direct and indirect marketing and for the sending of newsletter. The Holder, for the same purpose of deleting the said data, will also proceed to inform eventual third parties in possession of your data. The receipt itself 2 of the cancellation request will be automatically considered as a confirmation that the deleting has taken place.

Addressees or categories of addressees of personal data

The personal data bestowed for the above mentioned purposes, will be likely to be known by the Holder’s employees or collaborators, and spread to the following parties:

A. Third parties that have been appointed by the Holder with fulfilling of the obligations undertaken by the latter for the carrying out of the data processing that concerns the objectives re. Points 1) and 2) of art.3;
B. All the subjects (included the Public Authorities) that are entitled to access the data by virtue of regulatory or administrative meaures;
C. Third parties supplying support services essential for the data processing , and having direct or indirect access to the data;
D. Third parties that have been appointed by the Holder to the data processing that concern the objectives of the points 3),4),5),6),7),8) AND 9). All the partners or the suppliers used by the Holder for the processing of his personal data have been properly and legally authorised and are responsible for the modes and objectives of the data processing to them entrusted, and they will act respectfully of the present regulation.

Duration of data keeping

Your personal data will be kept for the time indicated by the reference law, herewith detailed according to the art. 13, comma2, letter a) GDPR:

1. For the objectives indicated in the points 1),2) of art. 3 for the time required by the law in force, and in any case for a period not inferior to 10 (ten) years;
2. For the objectives indicated in the points 3),5),6) and 7) of art. 3 for 3 (three) years from the moment of the consentment to the data processing;
3. For the objectives in the point 4) of art.3 for 1 (one) year from the moment of the consentment to the data processing;

Rights of person concerned

Pursuant to article 13, comma 2, letters b) and d), 15,18,19 and 21 GDPR, we inform the person concerned of following rights:

A. Access to personal data: you can ask for confirmation concerning your personal data being processed or not, and, in that case, inquire after the following information: the objectives, the data groups, the addressees, the duration of the data keeping, the right to submit a claim to the Data protection Authority, the right to ask for correction, or cancellation or limitation of the data processing, or an opposition to the processing itself, and also the existence of an authomatised decision making process.
B. Request for correction, cancellation or a limitation set to the data processing involved; the limitation is meant to be the marking of the kept data with the objective to restrain the use of them in the future.
C. Opposition to data processing: opposing the data processing for reasons concerning the person’s situation for the execution of a task that is of public interest or for the pursuing of the Holder’s legitimate interest;
D. Portability of the data: in the case of automatised data processing carried out on a consent basis or to honour a contract, to receive in a structured format of common use and readable from an automatic device, the data concerning the Person; most particularly, the data will be supplied by the Holder in xml format;
E. Withdrawal of consent to the data processing for marketing purposes, both direct and indirect, market research and profiling; the exertion of the said right does not affect in any way the lawfulness of the data processing carried out before the withdrawal of consent;
F. To submit a claim to the local Privacy Authority - art.77 RGPD -, according to the Person’s usual residence, the workplace, or the place where the rights have been breached; in Italy the Privacy Authority for the protection of personal data holds responbility. This Authority may be reached through the contact data showed in the website http://

The said rights may be excercised by submitting an appropriate request to the Holder of the data processing through the contact channels indicated in the art. 1 of the present informative sheet. The requests concerning the exertion of your rights will be fulfilled with no unjustified delay and, at any rate, within a month from the request; only in cases of high complexity or with very numerous requests this dead line may be put off 2 (two) months more.

We inform specifically and separately, as requested by the art.21 GDPR, that in the case the personal data are processed for marketing purposes, the Person has the right to oppose in any moment, and in the case where the Person concerned opposes the data processing, the personal data may not be processed any further for those purposes. The exertion of the rights is not subject to any contraints in coded form and it is costless. The electronic mail address for the excertion of the rights is