Our unique offer

Research and development of new products play an essential role in our company, as they enhance competitiveness based on the ability to provide timely service and rapid responses to new and ever changing requests. To satisfy the most demanding clients we have patented new mechanisms operated by technologies with levers and cables and a range of synchronized mechanisms, in collaboration with leading designers: our goal is to bring together the ergonomics of the components and the design of chairs in perfect synergy. LIMA’s challenge is to integrate the mechanisms so as to make them invisible. It may seem a paradox, but it is actually a major step forward in the direction of a product increasingly in line with the highest aesthetic standards, able to blend in with the design of top-level products while always ensuring top quality standards.


The choice of raw materials helps to define the high-quality standards of LIMA’s products, which are able to pass national and international safety tests and obtain the ISO 9001 certification. LIMA is also a member of the CATAS certification Institute.