In order to meet the requests of a fast producing market, LIMA™ invested heavily in technological enhancement, purchasing in recent years, two rapid prototyping units (PR) that laser synthesize plastic and metal objects. This type of technology allows the company to maintain a competitive position in the industry and guarantee speed, customization and precision to every client.


High quality steel, innovative plastic material and avantguarde construction techniques have allowed LIMA™ products to exceed national and international tests, winning over new and interesting markets. In 2010 a new production line was introduced, composed of mechanisms that satisfy even the most demanding clients. Recently there have been developments in the ergonomics field, creating a series of patented new mechanisms that work by powerline.


The business offers prototyping and rapid tooling services, that allow clients to see their product take shape as real prototypes in a short lapse of time. This is due to a great synergy between designer, mould maker and end-user. This way you have access to a quick and advanced production method that allows practical and economical advantages and is extremely efficient.
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