Customization and synergy

Through the synergy between designer, manufacturer and end customer: from backrest uprights to frames, each component can be customized to fit the design of the chair and the requirements of our customers. The technical office has modern 3D software for studying, designing and modeling all of our products. We support the customer/designer from the early stages of the project up to the finished product, available in different versions: raw, chromed (hexavalent / trivalent chromium) and painted.

For your ideas

The rapid prototyping services allow you to turn a project into a real prototype extremely quickly and cost effectively. The ability to obtaining in a few hours very complex and detailed parts that are difficult to manufacture with other machining tools enables us to turn our clients’ ideas into reality in real time. This cutting-edge technology allows us to support our customers in choosing the most appropriate process before going into production, to test the feasibility of a project and to quickly identify any room for improvement. This efficient method of production, which focuses on customers’ needs, allows LIMA to maintain a competitive position in the industry and be the benchmark for those who, in addition to customization, look for speed, precision and focus on design in all stages of product development.

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Ideas takes form

Our company has made major investments and places itself in the market with a modern and efficient laboratory, equipped with CNC milling machines, painting plant, plastic injection and metal pressing unit with machinery that ranges between 45 and 700 tons. The welding unit is equipped with modern robots that guarantee consistency and great quality. The technical office has modern 3D software for studying, designing and modeling all of our products. These softwares are connected to our rapid prototyping unit and guarantee quick and precise management of prototypes. Combining these technologies, LIMA places itself in the market as a rapid, precise and reliable partner that will guarantee maximum quality products and limited costs.

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