A modern and efficient laboratory

Our company has made major investments and places itself in the market with a modern and efficient laboratory, equipped with CNC milling machines, painting plant, plastic injection and metal pressing unit with machinery that ranges between 45 and 700 tons. The welding unit is equipped with modern robots that guarantee consistency and great quality.

The automatic welding department consists of 2 robots MOTOMAN with 2 benches each. We have TIG technology, MIG and resistance welding (projection and flash welding). Equipment and welding jigs are designed and developed in-house to meet the demands of our customers and ensure the quality of welded joints for each type of article.

The powder paint plant enables us to paint the majority of our products internally. The standard color is black with smooth finish or orange peel. On demand, we are able to satisfy custom finishes based on different color scales.

Deep drawing LIMA offers its customers decades of experience in sheet metal forming and stretch forming. A careful choice of the starting material, the development of the die and the quality inspections during stamping allow us to obtain very complex components.

LIMA has 2 hydraulic presses for the injection molding of plastic components, equipped with robots for un- loading. We use a large range of plastics in our injection-molded components, starting from high quality raw materials. It is also possible the injection molding of custom components based on our customer design.

The tube bending department consists of 2 bending machines: a full electric machine with 12 controlled axes and an hydraulic dual bending head. The available machines allow us to satisfy the most demanding customers with the possibility of bending symmetrical frames and not, fixed radius and variable radius. We can count on precise bending with these machines, repeatable and reliable in both right and left hand bending in automatic cycle.

LIMA has a workshop/tooling shop to serve our production lines. Most of the activities that we carry out in the workshop (drilling, reaming, tapping, turning, milling, sawing, grinding, sand blasting / shot peening) allow us to offer our customers also a prototyping service, including the manufacture of customised samples. This department is crucial to the development of new products and for the revision of the existing ones.